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A ‘Neighbourhood Safer Place’ also known as a ‘Bushfire Place of Last Resort’ (NSP-BPLR) is a place of last resort when all other bushfire plans have failed.
NSP-BPLRs are not designed to replace a personal bushfire survival plan. CFA advises that everyone should have a Bushfire Plan and should practice it.
Please be aware of the following risks associated with NSP-BPLRs:
Sheltering at an NSP-BPLR does not guarantee your safety. An NSP-BPLR may offer improved protection (e.g. a safer place) if caught in a fire but they cannot be considered as ‘safe’
Travelling to and using a place of last resort is dangerous and can lead to mental trauma, serious injury or death. Traffic congestion, poor visibility, fire activity, heavy smoke and accidents or fallen trees may block the route.

You are likely to experience extreme conditions such as; heat, high winds, fire noise, and exposure to flying embers and may experience breathing difficulties due to smoke and ash.

There is no guarantee that emergency services will be present. There will be no provision for pets, There will be no amenities (eg. food, drinks, toilets).
Not all communities will have a designated NSP-BPLR in the local area or close to your home.