View Street, Kangaroo Flat VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA


Providing Food, Water and Essential Care Items for Disaster Relief Purposes.

The Bushfire Foundation has identified a gap in the assistance of food and water supplies for stock and domestic animals during and post natural disasters.
However, it has come to our attention that while most communities have some strategies to assist in the very short-term, more needs to be done. We hope to establish Victoria’s first dedicated animal food-bank system to address this gap.
These dedicated Animal Disaster Relief food storage (food banks) will encourage community engagement, skill building and training, social interaction and support for all stakeholders and cohorts.
While many natural disasters cause great financial hardship and can tragically result in loss of human life, animals are often forgotten in the chaos. Domesticated animals, dependent on human caretakers for survival, are often left to perish during these events. This loss of domesticated animals is preventable in a majority of these disasters if food and water is provided quickly.
These dedicated Animal Disaster Relief food storage (food banks) will potentially reduce the loss and costs to the communities affected.