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The purpose of our Recovery Support Grants is to enable those who have lost homes or lost other property as a result of recent bush fires across Australia to purchase building materials and tools to help people to rebuild or clean up after the fires.

Grant limit

$1500 Maximum


To apply we need the following items
1.    Letter from the effected person or someone on there behalf if they are unable to
2.    Photos of Damage,
3.    Proof of Residence (which could be a car license, utility bill, rates notice, damage assessment notice etc or something and what they intend to use it for with a  Quote for the items.


Email the above info to
Our foundation’s core group for assistance is elderly, injured, disabled, financial hardship or uninsured people. however each application that we receive will be considered
Please remember the grants are intended to be used for building materials and tools, however it maybe possible for consideration of different needs but extra information and proof maybe required.