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With this project we aim to develop a national program focused on providing disaster relief to animals, both stock and domestic, that will see community animal relief teams provide preparedness, response and relief to animal owners across Australia.
The Bushfire Foundation Inc, as the lead organisation, will develop and work with emergency service agencies, partner organisations, and other animal management groups to ensure the needs of animals are better analysed in future emergencies throughout Australia and the world.
We will work with local training organisations to develop a national pool of trained volunteers that will provide surge capacity support in animal welfare and disaster relief. They will be guided by our organisation in the form of a specialist emergency agency based in the Greater Bendigo Region headquarters.


To improve an enhance community capacity to prepare, respond and manage animal disaster relief.
We wish to address the significant animal welfare emergency management capability gap in Australia and the world.
To provide support networks and to protect disaster affected animals in partnership with the community and emergency service agencies.
To provide local response to support animal disaster relief systems and structures.
Promote animal-inclusive hazard mitigation, emergency preparedness and recovery among communities.
Develop and maintain national, regional and state-based animal emergency responders.
Provide training and professional development in animal disaster management that will address skill gaps and create employment pathways.
Provide support to animal owners in emergencies with the evacuation/relocation of animals and provide appropriate support structures for their temporary care.
Update, maintain and operate an animal evacuation database available for partner organisations to access and to promote real-time collaboration and information sharing during a disaster.
Work with existing animal shelters for the ongoing care, re-unification or re-homing of evacuated animals if needed.
Implement post-disaster community recovery projects for improving animal welfare and resilience to future events (i.e. family animal emergency plans, re-vegetation of animal living environments).
Provide research and data analysis to establish accountable and capable animal emergency management arrangements throughout Australia.
The VALUES of this project are:
Community building through volunteering opportunities.
Develop national capacity to create animal inclusive community resilience.
Provide national training and skills education.
Improvement of animal disaster management principals and practices in Australia.


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