3 View Street, Kangaroo Flat 3555 info@thebushfirefoundation.org CEO - 0424 970 190 (24 Hr Emergency Assist), Les (Director) - 0409 188 964, Elizabeth Wells (Operations) - 0432 548 312


This program is designed to offer assistance to residents in the community that are unable to prepare their own homes, such as the elderly, injured or experiencing financial hardship. We offer:
Gutter – cleaning and clearing
Tree and shrub – trimming or removal
Grass and vegetation management
Fire break construction and management
Creating vehicle access points
Inspection of firefighting equipment
Reducing any other risks or hazards associated with bushfires

2018 Community Innovators Award – Fire Safety



Bushfire Preparedness Work Locations

To find out where our volunteers have undertaken and completed preparedness works in our local community click on the map pins below


If you would like to know more information about how we can assist you,
please make contact with us today




CEO – Nathan on 0424 970 190
Director – Leslie on 0409 188 964
Operations – Elizabeth on 0432 548 312


To request assistance with preparing your property please use the preparedness request form attached to this page.