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Application and Relevance

This course is applicable to all Australian workplaces. It is relevant for employees who have been delegated responsibility as part of an emergency control organisation to assist in facilitating emergency procedures and evacuation. Emergencies may include fire, flood, structural collapse, industrial accidents such as chemical spills and bomb threats. The training covers a broad range of situations as considered in Australian Standard 3745-2010.


+4-5 hours classroom/onsite training and assessment

Course Content

This course provides the skills and knowledge to be able to respond to emergencies in your workplace and
carry out safe evacuation. It includes:
+ Alarms and warning systems
+ Use of fire extinguishers
+ Warden identification
+ Emergency evacuation procedures for your workplace
+ Initiating an appropriate emergency response
+ Warden responsibilities, including reporting and help for people needing assistance.
+ Contingencies for further development of emergency situations
+ Post-evacuation activities


It is recommended that participants have numeracy and
literacy skills equivalent to Australian Core Skills Framework
(ACSF) level 2. Participants will also need the ability to meet
the physical demands of the practical skills required for this

Assessment Methods

Progressive assessment throughout the course, including
demonstration of practical skills and written and oral questions
relating to required knowledge.

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