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When making your plan to leave early or relocating and evacuating during a Bushfire event, or maybe you’re choosing to stay and defend your home, you need consider yourself, family members and pets and should be prepared by having a Bushfire Readiness Kit in your car or store on your property.
If you dont have one and need to find the right one just for you well The Bushfire Foundation Inc has just the Solution and can now provide you with or you can now buy Full Kits or single products to make your own or support or add to your existing kits.



An Australian Owned Business with 25 Years experience in Safety, Emergency Management & Aerial Firefighting
With a passion for and extensive experience working in safety, emergency management, search and rescue, as well as aerial bushfire firefighting management, they have utilised all of their skills and knowledge into creating the best Bushfire Readiness Kits and safety equipment available.
Their mission is to provide affordable, quality, bushfire readiness kits to all Australians living in Bushfire Prone Areas, reducing human and animal trauma and increasing survival capability, during and after a bushfire event.
They have so many fantastic products and pieces of safety equipment in their Bushfire Readiness Kits, it can be hard to decide which one, all you have to do is decide which one of their great Bushfire Readiness Kits is right for your home, travel or business, then just place your order and you’re ready to go
To find out more and view their range of kits and products follow the link below
Or make contact with Emergency and Bushfire Kits on
0438 613 629  or via email