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Teams of Volunteers to Provide Animal Welfare Support in Disasters

These Teams of Volunteers will work in our community supporting our local Emergency Service Agencies when there is a disaster such as storms and fires to provide support and assistance to members of the community who have animals on their properties or pets.
The teams will offer transport services of animals to help relocate them, before and after a disaster if required, they will also assist and deliver water and food supplies to animal owners that require this after a disaster to assist with the animal welfare on their properties.
They will also help animal owners to prepare their properties.
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They will benefit the community by setting up a support network and dedicated community teams to support animal owners in communities when disasters strike. they will have the necessary training and equipment to deliver a high level of support to all community members.
these teams will have the added benefit of developing new skills sets for team members . These skills will be needed in order to grow the Community Animal Relief Teams ability to effectively deliver support to the community.
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