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Teams of Volunteers to Provide Animal Welfare Support in Disasters
Our Community Animal Relief Teams or CART’s are volunteers who operate in local communities, such as a fire brigade or SES unit, and provide support to animal owners before, during and after a disaster.
The tasks that you will undertake are varied and defined by the situation and what might be required but the list below provides a general overview of what you might do as a CART volunteer
  • Assist in preparing homes via support and education based around animals and setting up safe areas
  • Work with Trailers (supplied and equipped) with appropriate tools and equipment to set up temporary animal emergency relief shelters
  • Working alongside emergency service agencies and state, federal and local governments to collect and deliver animal disaster relief in the way of food and water and other items required to care and support animals after a disaster.
  • You may also be required to offer support to members of the community who have animals by relocating them to appropriate first-aid or veterinary services
  • You may be required to work in a warehouse or storage environment loading and unloading animal feed and items as part of an Animal Disaster Relief food bank