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@Humanity Road

Humanity Road, located in Boydton, VA is an award-winning top rated 501c3 nonprofit, recognized at the White House by the Department of Homeland Security for its contribution to disaster response and by the United Nations as one of the top 100 innovative humanitarian aid organizations in the world.
Humanity Road leverages social media to monitor and provide aid information to the public impacted by disaster and the aid agencies responding.  They are the industry leader for their mission-specific reports that include early indications based on social media.
The organization also engages in technology experiments, disaster preparedness exercises and training to improve situational awareness, community resilience and to speed the chain of care.  Humanity Road works with private and public partners, including local communities, to build capacity and resilience by enhancing communications capabilities before, during, and after disaster.
They also provide assistance in planning and supporting disaster response exercises that involve social media, and offer several training options and workshops for emergency responders on social media.
Volunteers interested in supporting their work can visit: